Calling for Crypto Influencers World-wide

Great news for all crypto influencers out there! We are creating another marketing stream to join hands with EXIP team. We are looking for enthusiastic influencers, on a long-term tenure, to build a strong influencer network. This opportunity is for channel and group owners who have guided their communication media in a successful path.

Crypto Influencers — Worldwide

We are building a decentralized internet which allows users to create and register their websites on its DNS registry. The new decentralized environment allows the users to exercise complete ownership over their digital assets and safeguard them from any cyber security threats. Furthermore, for the very first time in internet history, EXIP’s Blockchain based DNS solutions, allow users to create their preferred TLD(Top Level Domains) at an affordable price. With the EXIP ecosystem we have created many business avenues; domain retail, domain trading and token trading are few of those new revenue streams.

Project EXIP is a global solution built to fight issues faced by worldwide internet users. We believe every user should enjoy the privilege of using the new decentralized internet. Therefore, we are looking for energetic and successful influencers to spread the message about EXIP’s solutions. We are enhancing the process of taking EXIP to the global arena through this ‘Influencer network program’. The influencers are able to take our messages to global users in their native languages; Thus helping us to strongly communicate with global communities.

During the initial stage of ‘Influencer Network Program’, we are looking for owners of Telegram groups/channels, Youtube, and Twitter to join our network. Application is open now and the applicants will be selected by our team following a selection process. Selected applicants shall be contacted by our team for joining processes.

Apply Now:

We advise all applicants to be aware and stay away from any scammers who are trying to contact them pretending to be EXIP. EXIP will only contact via EXIP’s official communication channels and email; Therefore, EXIP will not be responsible for any fraudulent attempts or events.



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