Today, we can divide the modern technology era into two distinctive periods: before the internet and after the internet, this is how disruptive the World Wide Web has become. The internet boom transformed the way we carry out transactions, communicate, share information, promote business, entertain, study, and so forth.

But the internet was never properly architected for such a critical global role

Big tech companies and organizations have been working on centralizing the internet

Centralized DNS have the power to seize, revoke, dismiss, and permanently erase any domain from existence. And they apparently think that they know best about what we should and should not see and read

It is now time to take back the internet, rebuild it, and decentralize it in a way that doesn’t have the same chokepoints.

we should have the independence in the internet and we have to make sure it remains independent, and neutral without any outside political bias or affiliation.

And EXIP is going to provide real Independence on the internet. ” community should not rent their domains ,they should own it”.

EXIP DNS is blockchain based, and the owner of the respective domain has full ownership and control of its usage, even the provisioning of new domain names

And “You don’t have to pay annually, pay once and it is totally yours”

Giving the security of an intranet meanwhile and providing the connectivity of the internet.”

EXIP browser will enable users to access blockchain based DNS technologies where everything progresses with a zero-trust policy, and no one will own the internet but community, only then we can build a genuinely free and open internet.




Decentralized Domain name and TLD service Backed by NFT’s

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Exip project

Exip project

Decentralized Domain name and TLD service Backed by NFT’s

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