EXIP Launches new upgraded DRS Version 2.0, with web hosting solutions

MIDDLETOWN, Delaware, June 2, 2022

3 min readJun 2, 2022


EXIP launched DRS (Domain Reservation System) Version 2.0, on May 31st, for public. The system upgrade has been under vigorous testing for the past couple of months. Development of the upgrade commenced immediately after the initial version was launched. Back in September 2021, EXIP launched DRS Version 1.0, which enabled the very first platform in internet history to allow a DRS to reserve TLDs. Using the portal, multiple domains and TLDs could be reserved and owned, by anyone. Within 2 weeks of launch, more than 1000 TLDs were purchased using the EXIP DRS. This was a revolutionary achievement when considering that the conventional DNS system has only about 1500 TLDs in total, to date.

DRS V2.0

The domain market is valued approximately at $8 billion and over 380 million domains been registered. Since 1986 when domain registrations were made public, EXIP has become the first project offering TLD registration for an affordable one-time payment starting at $10.

Being the only DRS to enable TLD reservations, the new Version 2.0 comes with enhanced features. The big shoutout is for web hosting. Users who secured EXIP TLDs & Domains, are now able to host their websites, with the proposed hosting solution. Destined to provide complete internet infrastructure, EXIP is developing its own web hosting solution. The IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) hosting method will be used until other decentralized solutions come online. The DNS resolvers, domains & TLDs are upgraded to accommodate web hosting facilities through IPFS. The process of hosting a website on EXIP TLDs via IPFS, is much simpler than the name server pointing methods of the conventional system. One, single HTML file, calls the site for viewing. EXIP developers are planning on offering training workshops and documents via several methods to support internet users in setting up websites.

The ability to mint & connect to multiple wallets is an additional feature of the new release. Initially Niftron was the only wallet used to create TLDs and Domains. The current upgrade supports Metamask and Trust Wallet in creating and holding minted TLDs and Domains as NFTs. V2 also facilitates purchasing through fiat and EXIP Tokens. All 3 accounts are now managed from a single Niftron Login. Users were able to create TLDs by using either Stellar, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Ethereum blockchain networks. V2 adapted Polygon Matic technology to serve Ethereum based TLDs and Domains to cut down on transaction cost of minting and transfers. Furthermore owners of TLDs now have a choice of allowing domain registration under their TLDs or keep it locked for private use only. All of these amazing features are now available with the new interface that’s simple and user friendly.

“We are intent on simplifying the whole complicated domain registration and web hosting process, so that people with even a minimal web & domain understanding will be able to use the interface to get things done” — said Aven Peran (Head of Research & Development)

EXIP developers continue working on future updates including, options to connect additional wallets to network, introducing more blockchains to power the agnostic model, multiple — integrated login with other wallets, navigational options to EXIP’s upcoming NFT marketplace and hosting of dynamic websites.

The new DRS could be accessed from mobile and desktop via https://app.exip.live

With the new system in place, users can now purchase domains & TLDs through multiple wallets and blockchain networks, then host and operate static websites.

Official PR: (https://exip.live/exip-launches-new-upgraded-drs-version-2-0-with-web-hosting-solutions)




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