EXIP Monthly Report| September 2022

3 min readOct 4, 2022

Dear EXIP community,

Welcome to a new era of decentralized internet with EXIP. While our users have been busy creating their TLDs and domains, we have been focused on making this process smoother and creating new solutions for them.

Our technical teams are busy developing the NFT marketplace and browser. We have begun the development of our staking dashboard, which will allow the staking of EXIP tokens. The operations side has had an eventful two months with registration. We have decided to pause our contract to fit into Dubai’s global cryptocurrency hub.

With our upcoming technical developments and upgrades, along with our registration in Dubai, we are confident that EXIP will reach new levels of success in the following months. Thank you for your never-ending support during these times, and let’s continue on this journey together.

EXIP — Decentralized Internet Governed by Community



Technical Updates

The NFT marketplace, which will allow users to sell their NFTs to interested parties, has been fully developed and is ready to launch in the coming year. This marketplace is set up to change how the world of TLDs and domains work, as anyone interested in owning one can bid on them. In addition to this, the Staking dashboard development is ongoing as well. This function will let users stake their EXIP tokens.

Project Updates

Obtaining the Dubai business registration has been one of the main events of this month for us. We have recently gotten interest from an investor in Dubai, which is the reason behind pausing the contract, as restructuring of the project is needed to move forward.
Dubai has recently legalized cryptocurrency. Significant companies in UAE have started giving cryptocurrency as payment options for their services. This, along with the many blockchain initiatives in the region, is focused on making UAE the name of the global cryptocurrency hub. We believe our registration in the country is a major step towards success.

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The month of September:

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Total Followers: 13,595

About EXIP

EXIP, a decentralized Internet, has no central governing body. Nobody reserves the right to dictate the primary operations of this internet. The building blocks of the system are decentralized applications known as Nodes.

Nodes are run on a decentralized network, such as the Ethereum or EOS blockchain. These nodes are controlled by a community of users staked with tokens for providing their computing power. The data you supply to use these applications are stored in encrypted form on computer networks that cannot read your data. The keys to unscramble the encryption reside only on personal devices. The community alone controls its information.

EXIP returns ownership of your domains and TLDs, where agnostic NFTs preferred by you identify your domain & Top-Level Domain. EXIP DNS is blockchain-based, and the owner of the respective domain & top-level domain has complete control of its usage, even the provisioning of new domain names cum subdomains.

The EXIP token is an agnostic usage & governance token released on the Binance Chain. Only 2.1 million EXIP tokens will be minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and listed on exchanges. EXIP tokens will be used to buy, sell, and auction domains & top-level domains, while token holders will receive staking privileges when domains & TLDs are purchased & auctioned

EXIP project was designed by multinational teams and partners, all experts in blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and the fintech industry. The team is led by Shashi, the founder, and CEO of Mobiglotech Blockchain Corp, and Sharmilan, the CEO of Niftron (Winner of the best newcomer award SAARC start-up global awards). The project’s token sale hard cap is 30Mn USD.

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