EXIP x KOIStarter

EXIP IDO on KOIStarter

EXIP x KOIStarter

As one of our next IDO launchpad, we are excited to announce our IDO (Initial Decentralized-Exchange Offering) on the KOIStarter platform, taking place from 19th of December, 1100 hrs (UTC). Powered by the Creator Platform, the KOIStarter strives to empower the most leading projects and promising entrepreneurs with the ability to contribute to the blockchain community. The platform creates a fair launchpad and fair distribution of rewards for all participants. The R&D team of KOIStarter carefully handpicks the projects through continuous and rigorous testing rounds; Thus, eliminating the risks faced by the investors.

IDO on December 20th 1100 hrs (UTC)

EXIP IDO on KOIStarter is planned at 2–3 stages, releasing a total of 5,555.5 EXIP Tokens, which are worth $100,000. Tokens are priced at 18 BUSD, and this will be the only chance to secure EXIP Tokens at this Launch price.

Pre-order for KIKU

The users of tier ‘KIKU’ who owns more than 50,000 KOI points will be able to take part in the Pre-order planned from 1100 Hrs on December 19th to 1000 Hrs (UTC) to the 20th of December.


Registration for Whitelist will be opened on December 17th from 1000 Hrs (UTC). The users of the platform can apply for the whitelist as below:


The registration closes at 1000 Hrs (UTC) on the 19th of December.

The users to be qualified from the Whitelist registration will be allowed to take part in the IDO on the 20th of December, 2021, from 1100 Hrs to 1400 hrs (UTC).


The ‘First Come — First Served’ round allows the public sales to commence at 1430 Hrs (UTC) on the 20th of December, 2021 and close at 1530 Hrs(UTC) on the same day. To join the IDO, the users will have to stake at least 500 $CTR (Creator Token).

KOIStarter x EXIP IDO Summary:

IDO details

• Private sale price: 18 BUSD

• Total allocation: 5,555.5 tokens $EXIP

Whitelist registration

• Start: 10 AM UTC December 17, 2021

• End: 10 AM UTC December 19, 2021

IDO time

• Pre-order (for KiKu only): 11:00 AM UTC Dec 19, 2021–10:00AM UTC Dec 20, 2021

• Guarantee round: 11:00 AM — 02:00 PM UTC Dec 20, 2021

• First come, first served round: 02:30 PM — 03:30 PM UTC Dec 20, 2021

Vesting schedule

• TGE: 13:45 UTC December 21, 2021

• 20% at TGE, 20% monthly over the next 4 months

Reminder before joining in

Users need to stake at least 500 $CTR for the public sale to join EXIP IDO. Please be reminded that you need to stake CTR tokens equivalent to KOI points (1 CTR = 1 KOI point). Also, you must not un-stake any token if you want to join and grasp any chances of the IDO launch.



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