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5 min readAug 26, 2022


EXIP launched Version 2.0 of DRS (Domain Reservation System) on May 31, 2022. The new upgrade subject to tremendous testing for past couple of months, is live for public usage and can be accessed from mobile/desktop via

EXIP DRS V2.0 - User Interface

The first version of DRS (V1.0) was launched in September 2021. It became the very first portal in internet history to allow direct TLD registrations. Using the portal multiple domains and TLDs could be purchased using fiat currency. Within 2 weeks of launch more than 1000 TLDs were purchased using the DRS, compared to the conventional DNS system which to date has approximately 1500 TLDs registered in total.


The conventional DNS system was invented 40 years ago, and the foundation lacks certain fundamentals to incorporate new technical advancements. However the DNS of 1983 deserves all due credit. It enabled a practical networking structure and provided multiple networks to be inter-connected which would otherwise require millions of packets and switches. Thus, many organizations started relying on this invention and funded its expansion.

DNS from 1983

IT service providers started building systems and new technologies using this structure as a foundation. Over reliance on a single structure paved the way to move forward in one irrevocable direction, eventually leading to security threats, monopolism, restrictions and control of the internet. An entirely new and innovative technology was needed to avoid falling prey to this out dated system. Thus the birth of EXIP’s new and innovative web domain ecosystem.

Features of DRS V2.0

EXIP’s DRS, being the only interface to reserve TLDs, released its Version 2.0, with the following features:

Web hosting: The most awaited feature of EXIP project is now live. EXIP users who have secured TLDs & Domains can now host a static website through the DRS by simply uploading one single HTML file. The files are hosted through IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System), which was proposed as a hosting solution, until EXIP’s own hosting servers come online.

DRS V2.0 is designed to serve as one-stop solution to select a Domain and upload a website file with a few clicks by running through subsequent guided screens. The process is much simpler as opposed to the conventional methods of pointing name records and hosting websites. Through this method, users could even upload media file types, give them a web address enabling file sharing with others. While similar to cloud based operations it is instead run by decentralized nodes as opposed to centralized master servers. The new DRS is designed for use with minimal web and domain knowledge. However EXIP developers are planning on offering training workshops and documents via several methods to support internet users in setting up websites.

Multiple Wallets: Users are now able register and connect with Niftron, Trust Wallet and Metamask in order to purchase domains & TLDs. One single login to the DRS through Niftron, allows one to select the required wallet.

Single login via Niftron
Connecting with multiple wallets

In DRS V2.0, under the ‘My EXIP’ tab, users can view TLDs & Domains of each wallet separately. TLDs & Domains purchased prior to new DRS launch, are listed under Niftron, and can be transferred to other wallets. Currently TLDs & Domains are created using Stellar or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) or Ethereum (Polygon Matic) blockchain networks.

List of TLDs & Domains under each wallet

Fiat & EXIP Tokens: Until the launch of DRS V2.0, purchases were only via fiat currencies through an internet payment gateway. Now, users can purchase domains & TLDs with EXIP Tokens too. Connecting Metamask or Trust Wallet with sufficient EXIP Tokens balance in the account is required for such transactions.

FIAT or EXIP Token as payment

EXIP TLDs & Domains started selling at $1 each. As certain thresholds were reached the purchase price has increased. However current pricing is still at an absurdly affordable level of TLDs at $10 and Domain at $5. It is important to remember that this is a 1-time payment for complete lifetime ownership.

Real-time stats: Ever wanted to know how many TLDs & Domains purchased in the entire market? The new DRS shows you real-time statistics of how many EXIP TLDs & Domains have been purchased.

Number of TLDs & Domains Purchased (Realtime)

Private/Open TLD: TLD owners can always decide on keeping the TLD private or opening it for public domain registration. The new DRS allows owners to make the selection from the listing page with just a toggle switch to indicate whether the TLD is private or open.

Future Development

EXIP Developers have started working on future updates with special attention to the following details:

· Displaying URL address of webpage
· Connecting additional external wallets to the network
· Multiple — Integrated login system using external wallets
· Introduction of more blockchain networks to the agnostic model
· Connecting the NFT Marketplace


The new DRS V2.0 launched on May 31st 2022 announced the primary feature of webhosting and additional features coupled to the interface. With new web hosting facilities EXIP has now started to explore the diversified business opportunities to bridge the gap in the market. Let’s capture these opportunities. Stay tuned and explore innovative options for running websites on your EXIP domains! Happy Hosting!




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